prosecutory: viva la vida; coldplay (♘ I used to rule the world)

let the sky fall

when it crumbles, we will stand tall

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Name:Miles "enjoys long walks on beaches" Edgeworth
Birthdate:Apr 11

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"grape juice", arguments, being a closet otaku, being a gentleman, being flashy, being innocent of murder, brb flying to europe, competent detectives, confrontations, connecting thoughts, cooperative witnesses, cravats, cross-examinations, debate, deductions, desk slamming, dogs, essays, europe, evading miss oldbag, explaining things, fanboying, finding contradictions, foreign judicial systems, formalities, frills, golf, inner monologue, international law, justice, languages, law, logic, no earthquakes, not airplane turbulence, not elevators, not getting kicked, not getting whipped, objecting, piano, playing the flute, pointing, poking holes in testimonies, presenting evidence, prosecuting, psycholocks, rebuttals, ruffles, sarcasm, sliding down pipes, snark, speeches, steel samurai, tea, teamwork, the courtroom, truth
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