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Okay, if you're reading this and you know Ace Attorney's magatama mechanics, you can skip everything and go down to the last part because all you need to know is that Edgeworth will eventually have the magatama in SC and it will work as it normally does. If you're not well-versed with AA, read on. Don't worry, there are no spoilers.

Anyway, the magatama (see icon) is an ancient artifact from a family of spirit mediums that allows people to see secrets when they hold it or keep it on their person. These secrets take the form of red locks and chains over that person's heart. Usually the Psyche-Locks don't show up until the person is asked about whatever he or she is keeping secret or the conversation takes that direction, so it's not like Edgeworth will be walking around seeing locks locks EVERYWHERE. As long as the person clams up, the locks remain locked. If he or she speaks up, then they break. But what if he or she doesn't want to speak up?

That's when the evidence comes in. To break these locks, evidence must be presented. A correct guess (or maybe two) will shatter a lock. Too many wrong guesses will force Edgeworth to withdraw and try again later because apparently if you use the magatama too much that way, your soul could shatter. So I guess in a way you'd be spiritually spent, you would need to gather your thoughts, and try again. And when you do, you'll have to start from the beginning. 

THE LAST PART: Thank you for reading! Just answer these two questions.

Can Edgeworth see your character's secrets as Psyche-Locks?
If yes, can he attempt to break these locks with evidence? (This isn't a guarantee he'll be able to get stuff out of your character. Edgeworth may be a genius but he's not omniscient.)

If you opt out of magatama times and prefer to keep your character's secrets a secret from Edgeworth, it's really as simple as not discussing anything that could lead to those secrets. Feel free to let me know if I'm starting to get closer to the truth when you opt out. If you opt out of the second thing, then we simply keep any incriminating evidence away from his prying eyes.

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