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Sir Integra Hellsing
Canon: Hellsing
Username: beastofawoman
Residence: 1438
My fourth "wife", who is old enough to be my mother. She is aggressive, sullen, and despises me and the arrangement we have been forced into. At the very least, we both agree that the landlord has no business forcing us to play his little games, and share an appreciation for tea.
The Landlord
Canon: N/A
Username: lessor
Residence: HIS OWN HOUSE
Our gracious host, if he is to be believed. He has recently begun to appear more often in public instead of simply sending us riddles and messages. I doubt he will give us definite answers to our most foremost questions just yet.
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Username: hoasen
Residence: 1433
Miss Vietnam is a cheerful sort, albeit not unbearably so. Our paths have crossed quite a few times; it is always a pleasure to speak to her and receive her assistance. Even Pess has taken a liking to her. Unfortunately she was a target of my unintentional affections when the landlord sent his strange bottles.
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Username: regelkonform
Residence: 1416
A man whose straitlaced manner and dignity almost remind me of Manfred von Karma. One of the more levelheaded residents of Holly Heights, who is likewise fond of dogs. We met while navigating the Landlord's house.
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Username: siarrende
Residence: 1459
His head is constantly in the clouds, and he seems far more interested in food, art and music than anything else. However, he is also tolerant, passionate, and generous. Perhaps he will learn to set his priorities straight instead of attempting to draw a picture of me while I was literally unable to put on a shirt.
Milly Ashford
Canon: Code Geass
Username: shesgotguts
Residence: 1490
An eager, cheery young woman who did not seem fazed by her situation when she first arrived. Neither was she fazed by the Landlord's multitude of games, and takes everything in stride. Now, if only she would act her age more often...
Katsura Kotaro
Canon: Gintama
Username: bombdemon
Residence: 1469
His first appearance on the network featured an arson case, in which he accused the Law Enforcement Unit leader of starting a fire. He agrees that Holly Heights needs a better legal system, but I disagree with having to name and advertise this effort.
Aikuro Mikisugi
Canon: Kill la Kill
Username: strippingsensei
Residence: 1480
I chided him for appearing inadequately dressed on the network; he then accused me of being overdressed. He seems far too laid-back and carefree (almost careless) to be a teacher. We often don't see eye to eye, especially when it comes to clothing.
Nonon Jakuzure
Canon: Kill la Kill
Username: musicalbarrage
Residence: 1491
A girl with a penchant for classical music who considers it more than a mere hobby. Unfortunately, she also has a penchant for inventing several nicknames for me, as well as being loud and tactless. At least she and I share the same taste in music.
Ryuko Matoi
Canon: Kill la Kill
Username: gotnaked
Residence: 1491
A brash, bold and sometimes rude girl who prefers to run straight into the fray than to formulate a strategy; she and I disagreed on that front during a paintball match. However, when she was last sighted on the network, she was distraught and warned everyone to stay away from her.
Kaede Kaburagi
Canon: Tiger & Bunny
Username: dreah
Residence: 1475
A smart, respectful girl I met while she was walking her dog. She is mature for her age, and she did mature more when I saw her at the Landlord's house; she was sent home and spent a few years there before returning to Holly Heights.
Minako Aino
Canon: Sailor Moon
Username: reloves
Residence: 1403
An easily excitable girl; loud, eager, and far too interested in the less important aspects of my profession and my life. She has been here for more than a year and does lend me assistance in more serious situations.
Karina Lyle
Canon: Tiger & Bunny
Username: onhold
Residence: 1452
A cheerful young woman who has assisted me quite a few times, whether we are in the Landlord's house or enduring another one of his inane games. She is a gifted singer, and comes from the same world as Kaede.
Canon: Hare+Guu
Username: guarder
Residence: 1410
He tried to burn his house, and for that, I had the pleasure of prosecuting him. After serving his sentence, he does not seem at all afraid to approach me.
Canon: Code:Breaker
Username: coldiceflower
Residence: 1462
Was with our group when Holly Heights became more...medieval, and I was designated as a fire mage. He was hardly fazed by that change and claimed to be experienced in wielding weapons. Also has ice powers, apparently, which he used to enter my window.
Lily Ivory
Canon: The Witchcraft Mysteries
Username: vintage_magic
Residence: 1421
Miss Ivory had the misfortune of meeting me on a day the Landlord rendered me unable to put on a shirt, but I believe she didn't think too much of it. So far, she seems to be a pleasant woman and doesn't think less of me despite that first meeting.
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