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Title: Trial by Fire
Meister: Miles Edgeworth
Weapon: Genesis Rhapsodos

Upon achieving perfect resonance, Genesis and Edgeworth will acquire the ability to summon and control fire. The flames do not necessarily have to be generated by the Rapier itself; they can appear anywhere within a ten-foot radius, or the same distance above and below. The fire must catch on something or burn on a surface, and cannot be turned into fireballs or tongues of fire in midair. It will also still look like normal fire, but with little or no smoke, and it can be put out in conventional ways such as with water or with the use of a fire extinguisher.

When they have the intention to use their resonance attack, Genesis' Rapier goes from red blade and silver hilt to a silver blade and gold hilt. The golden ornate hilt will also transform, producing a great gold single wing along the guard. The blade will also glow in an almost blinding manner. Edgeworth will also gain an amount of flame resistance. He won't be able to walk through fire, but at least he can stay close to the flames without catching fire.

Edgeworth has to give a loud, clear and authoritative command for something to burn while pointing to it with the sword in soul resonance mode. The symbol for Genesis' limit break will then appear underneath, on, or above the target, depending on Edgeworth's intentions. Muttering the command or thinking it will simply not suffice because this part of the attack is hinged on his Meister ability.

He can also acquire control over existing flames within the ten-foot distance. There are no specific words required to be said; all he has to do is use his Meister ability like always with enough focus and resonance to bend something as unpredictable as fire to his will. Pointing with the sword is also required. The runes of the limit break will also appear. More concentration and power is needed to control larger fires, multiple flames, or those that were not created by the Resonance Attack. If his concentration is broken, the fire can burn beyond control or burn out unless he quickly reacquires dominion over it.

His mood will likewise have an impact on the quality of the attack. When Edgeworth loses his temper or falls under the influence of the Madness Wavelength, the flames he is controlling can flare up and become more destructive, or break away entirely from his control. If he is not confident enough, sad, anxious or fearful, he won't be able to control existing flames or create new ones. They will sputter and die as long as his mood is down.

The flames can be manipulated in various ways. They can be commanded to burn a specific thing or creature, move along the ground or to one location from another within the ten-foot boundaries, combine or separate, grow or die down.
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