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Phoenix Wright

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: bewrightback

Status: Childhood friend FROM THE FUTURE

Wright, Wright, Wright. Single-minded, compassionate, sometimes overly passionate. And yet, it is his unwavering spirit that once saved me. Though I wish he would use logic more often instead of just relying on his imagination and bluffs, he has the best of intentions. Now, he is older, from the future, with better fashion sense.

Athena Cykes

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: psycholawgy

Status: mysterious future person Wright's subordinate

A cheerful, energetic defense attorney who knows Wright and who comes from the future. Reflexively throws people when they grab her. Has a robot called Widget that speaks up occasionally. She has taken me under her wing as a martial arts instructor at the gym.

Larry Butz

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: failures

Status: Childhood friend and troublemaker

"When something smells, it's usually the Butz." A saying from childhood that holds true until now. Though relatively harmless, his misplaced priorities, carelessness and rash decisions constantly land him into trouble, even though he may mean well. But I suppose his loyalty and art skills are commendable.

Takeru Takaishi

Canon: Digimon Adventure

Username: cresthopes

Status: Acquaintance/student

A boy who wishes to become stronger. He wanted to learn from me, even though I tried to point him to more competent teachers. He's lively and determined, which makes him a bearable student.

Integra Hellsing

Canon: Hellsing

Username: ironcountess

Status: Colleague

The current Chief of Police, who seemed amused to see me fighting rogue security droids. She knew me from another world that I don't remember visiting, so she trusts my experience in investigating. Very organized, no-nonsense...but what else does she know about me and my home world?


Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia

Username: hoasen

Status: Acquaintance

A practical young woman. I first met her in the midst of an event that caused a multitude of strange effects to spread among many people, and she was not seen panicking. We made proper introductions at Miss Jakuzure's pool party. She is respectful, and a calm conversationalist.

Yang Xiao Long

Canon: RWBY

Username: flaredo

Status: Friend

A boisterous, energetic thrill seeker who happens to be Ruby's older sister. She has assisted me in battle, and somehow has the strength to carry me on her own. For some reason, she thinks I look older than I really am. Despite the fact that she has more experience and power than I do, I find myself looking out for her from time to time.

Kaoru Nagumo

Canon: Hakuouki

Username: souredsweet

Status: Friend (???)

Kaoru is reserved but can be vocal regarding our current situation. We've found each other's company a few times; it's rather comforting to find someone who is such a good listener and at the same time, who also has some choice words to add to the conversation.

Marian Hawke

Canon: Dragon Age

Username: kirkwalled

Status: Acquaintance/hunting buddy

Miss Hawke was one of those unfortunate guests on the CERES tours. She gave me information regarding those, and we later met again in the jungle. She disagrees with the fact that I don't fight with armor.

Mitsuru Kirijo

Canon: Persona 3

Username: cestmagnifique

Status: Returned Acquaintance

Miss Kirijo was sent home, and returned with no memory of her previous stay. I had to assist her when I first encountered her in ViViD.

Hiro Hamada

Canon: Big Hero 6

Username: zerotohiro

Status: Acquaintance

Tadashi's younger brother. Inquisitive, intelligent, and with a penchant for video games, he always has a plan to find out more about our new world. I have yet to see his skills in robotics in action, but I imagine they are as exceptional as Tadashi's.


Canon: BBC Merlin

Username: sortileges

Status: Acquaintance

Merlin is a teenager with magic powers he can use to either trick my dog or provide food and water. He has already proven his reliability in Cerealia's usual events. Has a mischievous streak.

Ruby Rose

Canon: RWBY

Username: undaunts

Status: Friend

Yang's younger sister. She saved me some time ago, and I had a glimpse of her past through a virtual simulation. After being sent home, she has returned, albeit with no memory of who I am. I've only recently met her again, although she hasn't changed much since. Ruby is not as excitable as Yang, but is just as brave and dependable.

Ai Thao Kha

Canon: Original Character

Username: emotive

Status: Acquaintance; Erstwhile blind date

Mabel set me up with Miss Ai Thao on a blind date for Valentine's Day. Thankfully, Miss Ai Thao turned out to be a pleasant young woman with quite the appetite for sweets, concern for strange alien creatures...and telekinetic powers.

Roronoa Zoro

Canon: One Piece

Username: yourotherleft

Status: Acquaintance

Assisted me when I was unusually tired and the colony was flooded. He later asked how I was doing; he may act tough but has good intentions.


Canon: Tales of Xillia 2

Username: souperb

Status: Acquaintance

A girl I met (and assisted) during my first foray into ViViD, toward the end of the game. A strong, rational but sometimes cold sort who isn't given to flights of fancy or unnecessary feelings.


Canon: Original Character

Username: mermaiding

Status: Acquaintance

She claims to not be human, and scorns the human race for what it did to her - so much so that she has no qualms about killing people and is rather self-centered. And yet, she wanted to give me some jewelry last December. We may not agree on some things, but she is fascinated by my otherworldly adventure.

Maya Fey

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: feytality

Status: Friend

Maya is Wright's assistant and a spirit medium. She is cheerful and easygoing, but also a strong individual who has been through a lot. Although...I think she doesn't know about some of that, considering she is from the past. She seems interested in hearing about my experiences in another world.

Jaune Arc

Canon: RWBY

Username: jauneyboy

Status: Acquaintance

I vaguely remember talking to this young man at a weapon shop about swords. But what I'm certain of is that he was unable to stop Pess from urinating on a robot, and he runs a very nonsensical blog. If one could call it that.

Masakuni Dotanuki

Canon: Touken Ranbu

Username: helmsplitter

Status: Acquaintance

He mistook me for someone called "Hasebe", someone who was like himself - the spirit of an object, or something like that. It took me a while to convince him that I am not "Hasebe".

Weiss Schnee

Canon: RWBY

Username: heiroglyphs

Status: Returned Acquaintance

Weiss got me to participate in a Secret Santa event some time ago, and we shared our frustrations about being sent home and back again. She left the colony and returned without her memories, although she is still the same - dignified, but ready for battle.

Rock Lee

Canon: Naruto

Username: niceguypose

Status: Acquaintance

Clearly, an avid student of Maito Gai. It was...rather difficult to explain to him how I met Gai. Not that it has done anything to dampen Rock Lee's continuing enthusiasm for...just about anything.

Steven Stone

Canon: Pokémon

Username: beldum

Status: Acquaintance

Steven is a respectable young man always accompanied by creatures called Pokémon. He enjoys talking about them and it's clear that he does care for all of them. Of course, he is just as interested to know about other animals, like my dog.

Tadashi Hamada

Canon: Big Hero 6

Username: bropane

Status: Acquaintance who builds things

I had the dubious honor of running into one of Tadashi's inventions - a scanner bird or something of the sort - while it still needed a few improvements. That aside, he is a clever young man with an aptitude for invention, and aims to help others through his work.


Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: shroudedinsecrecy

Status: Erstwhile...client

A nun from Hazakura thrust into a convoluted case. By Wright's request, I briefly defended her when she was accused of murder, and she was instead arrested as an accomplice. Despite her involvement, she is ultimately kindhearted and willing to help in any way she can. I can only guess at how Wright feels about having her around.

Trucy Wright

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: stagewright

Status: Friend's adopted daughter ergo, my niece

I knew Wright would have a daughter ever since I was at Death City, having met her and an older Wright before. She loves to perform magic tricks, but I hope she can balance that with her schoolwork. I found out she was here when she sent me a chain letter.

Dipper Pines

Canon: Gravity Falls

Username: cryptologic

Status: Acquaintance

Mabel's twin brother. He was sent home, and then came back. I offered to tell him everything I know about this place; it's the least I can do after Mabel has done much for me.

Stahn Aileron

Canon: Tales of Destiny

Username: majinken

Status: Acquaintance

Stahn is earnest and always eager to help in any way he can whenever he sees any form of trouble. A little loud and overbearing, but he means well. Also a possible sparring partner.


Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia

Username: unionjackoff

Status: Roommate, memorybro

He first assisted me when I was struck blind. Later on, another glitch caused us to swap memories with each other - and he had a glimpse of my past. Thankfully, I can trust his word that he will keep this information confidential. He is now my roommate, and we share many things in common, such as an affinity for tea.


Canon: The Two Princesses of Bamarre

Username: hopefollows

Status: Acquaintance; sparring partner

I assisted her when she was pursued by sharks in ViViD, and ended up explaining to her the concept of this world and virtual reality. Adelina may be a princess, but doesn't impose it on anyone, and is more than willing to fight and discover more about this world on her own.

Lili An

Canon: Akatsuki no Yona

Username: coastal

Status: Acquaintance

Lili is organized and accommodating, but does not always have patience. She has expressed a fondness for dogs and learning about other justice systems, and shared my suspicions about CERES' robot gifts.

Franziska von Karma

Canon: Ace Attorney

Username: gerte

Status: Adoptive sister

The daughter of my mentor, and a prodigy prosecutor. She still believes in perfection, her temper is short as ever, and she almost never leaves her whip behind, but she is also a hard worker in the quest for the truth.


Canon: Tangled

Username: luminarie

Status: Acquaintance

Very chipper, impish at times, but clever and quite friendly. I met Rapunzel at a carnival where she seemed to be lost, and she proceeded to ask me for information especially about the police force and Cerealia.

Misaki Yata

Canon: K

Username: unswerved

Status: Returned acquaintance

He was sent home some time ago, but returned with no memory of Cerealia or anyone he met. So far, he is brash and rude as ever, with his own concept of justice that has nothing to do with the courts or lawyers.


Canon: Fate/stay night

Username: swordboning

Status: Acquaintance

A frank, cynical man who creates weapons for a living, yet humors Miss Cykes by willingly taking on a food cart business as well. Isn't human and has powers that help him create weapons. Admittedly, he is just as good at creating meals.

Kousetsu Samonji

Canon: Touken Ranbu

Username: heiwana

Status: Acquaintance

The soul of a sword. Polite, and it seems that there is still much about this world he doesn't know or wants to see. He is particularly interested in Pess and other real animals here.

Mabel Pines

Canon: Gravity Falls

Username: meowbel

Status: Acquaintance

During her last stay, she set me up on a blind date with Miss Ai and allowed me to stay in her apartment when mine was destroyed. Now she doesn't remember any of that, but remains exuberant and bold as always.

Himeko Inaba

Canon: Kokoro Connect

Username: dereban

Status: Acquaintance

A serious, perceptive, independent young girl. Even after fainting, she insisted on taking care of herself. Despite her cool exterior, she has expressed frustration openly when people were allegedly seeing other people from their respective home worlds.

Rei Hino

Canon: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Username: faithfulflame

Status: Friend

I met Rei at a weapon store and found her trying a wooden sword. I lent her a hand, and I trust that she will continue to practice and train...preferably under a more competent teacher. She is rather refined and mature, even if she was swinging a weapon around in the store.


Canon: Islands of Wakfu

Username: manolia

Status: Acquaintance

Arthur's significant other. Inquisitive and always searching for answers in this world. I don't meddle in his and Arthur's private affairs but I think Chibi is a trustworthy individual when it comes to my roommate's welfare.

Jack Frost

Canon: Rise of the Guardians

Username: 2cool4guardian

Status: Prankster

A boy with ice powers who enjoys using them for fun and trickery. I have been a victim of his mischief several times, and he shows no signs of repentance or stopping.

Mary Kozakura

Canon: Kagerou Project

Username: immobileyes

Status: Acquaintance

I defended this poor girl from bullies, for which she was grateful. The second time I saw her, I had to reassure her that we were not going to die, despite being stuck in a code wasteland. I hope she is well taken care of while she is here.

Yu Narukami

Canon: Persona 4

Username: covenantal

Status: Acquaintance

Yu is easygoing and not easily fazed, but conceals a thirst for answers and information. He often has a theory to share and isn't afraid to keep searching for the truth...or to wear odd costumes.


Canon: Hamatora

Username: topscores

Status: Acquaintance

I vaguely remember talking about whether or not to keep eggs in the refrigerator with this person. And for some reason, we were both pursued by colorful birds while in the jungle.


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